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You're locked in the basement with four strangers during a Halloween party. The offer to tell scary stories is on the table. Is that chill down your spine from the stories or something else?

A comedy-horror VN made for the 3rd Spooktober Game Jam (with a sprinkle of possible romance as a lemon garnish in a handful of ends). Navigate through the night by reacting to events and either applauding or criticizing the tales being told. Who knows, maybe you'll have one of your own by the end of it...


  • 21K Words (first playthrough is ~45min)
  • 13 Endings
  • Nameable Protagonist
  • 50 CGs (not including the variations, which brings it to 83)
  • 8 Backgrounds
  • 4 Stories Within the Story
  • and 4 New Friends


  • Swearing
  • Violence/Gore Depicted
  • Death/Bad Ends
  • Eye Trauma

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsComedy, Gore, Halloween, Horror, LGBT, Monsters, Multiple Endings, Ren'Py, yandere
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Wow that was so cool! Admittedly I only got "Waking Nightmares Aren't So Bad If You Share The Trauma" and decided it was enough because I love that ending, but other than that I love the story as well as the art! From the get go I already had my suspicion but just like MC I didn't notice because my attention was directed to the characters, I love them and their dynamic but also the mystique relating to the story they all have. It's so cool!


Holy crap that was awesome! You did really good C:


Great game! I played through most of the endings in one sitting and really enjoyed the growing realization that something wasn't quite right with the characters.


I just finished getting all the endings and oh my god I am in love. (With Trick, eheheh!) Decision based storytelling games are my favorite and you hooked me with everything that makes them great! Super well written, and I definitely grew to fall in love with these characters. Such an awesome idea to have individual endings for each of them. Yesterday was my first play through. It was very suspenseful and I loved the gradual and sudden feeling of "something ain't quite right." (Eye stuff also freaks me out so you get bonus spooky points) After I finished I was immediately thinking of different ways to branch out for different endings. And then my next couple of playthroughs as I slowly started to piece things together and learn more about these cool characters, it evolved in such a way I didn't expect! The progression of this story is amazing. I honestly loved this game more and more as I kept playing it, and you created something really special here. 

<3 ~ Jasmine


I loooooved this game so much I made sure to collect all the endings! It was really fun seeing the different ways the characters reacted in all of them. And I always appreciate games that have "group" endings because I hate to choose lol. Though I think if I had to, I would pick Lucy. She's just too cool. ;)

I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed playing my game! <3 Thanks for the comment, you made my night~!

Group endings were actually my main plan, but I wanted to give each character their own time to shine, so I added them in as I was nearing the end of writing. I agree, more games should have poly or friendship ends!

also hehehe ;)

(3 edits) (+1)

I'm really impressed that you managed to put this together so quickly! I haven't played all of the Spooktober games yet, but this is definitely my favorite so far and I don't think that's gonna change!

I loved the foreshadowing. It wasn't too obvious but enough for it not come out of nowhere and add a little uneasiness. I liked the subtle horror in the first endings I got too (the two friendly ones.) It made me excited to unlock all of the others and find out more about them.

If you made any more horror games I'd definitely be interested!

Thank you so much! <3 I'm super glad you enjoyed!

I do have many ideas, so I'll get to working~! Hahah!


The characters are so cute and lovable! I did not expect that from looking at the cover. Never judge a book by its cover hits me hard this time. I guess the same applies to 'werewolf'.... thought he was cute at first but the ending made me reconsider... Overall, super enjoyable story!

I'm so glad you liked it!

I filled them with all the love I had in me and there were only the bottom of the barrel remnants left for him.... Just look from a far and it'll be okay, haha!

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I enjoyed this so much! Definitely didn't expect any of the twists and turns but I really loved the hints in everyone's stories and piecing things together a little more with each ending. Also love how weirdly heart-warming the Waking nightmares and Friends who stab together endings are :)


I'm so glad you enjoyed! I was definitely toeing the line of how obvious I should make things because I wanted to surprise people, but also not have it so out of nowhere.

You have been inducted in the ~friendship~ squad! Whether that is a good thing or not in the long run is up to debate, hahah, but it definitely is the best route for MC.