A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Yun wants a calm day in the woods to get away from it all. Little do they know, they're walking straight into a deal centuries in the making. And they are unfortunately less of a player and more of a piece.


  • 8k Words
  • 4 Endings (A + B versions bringing it up to 8)
  • A Sporty Protaganist named Yun who just wants to have a nice day (they/them)
  • A Very Attractive Forest God (they/he)
  • Many events that make Yun's day not nice...
  • The Yandere version of a MeetCute

BloodNon-Consensual KissingToo Many Bad Ends


garbledmess | Writer, GUI and BG Artist, Programmer

akua_kourin | Sprite and CG Artist | Twitter | itch.io

ProdMarrow | Composer | Twitter | itchi.io

Smoke Mirror | Editor | Twitter | itch.io

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, bad-ends, Forest, Gore, Horror, LGBT, Monsters, Multiple Endings, yandere
Average sessionA few seconds


Fruition-1.0-mac.zip 79 MB
Fruition-1.0-pc.zip 97 MB


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I somehow managed to survive, got ending 4.... yaayyyy 


A very good game ! Btw could you tell me how to achieve Satiation B?


Huge apologies in the late response. If you're still looking on how to achieve that ending: choose to run after you realize the god is hungry.


Wow, This game is amazing!!! I really enjoyed it! Beautiful graphics and everything!  I highly recommend playing this game! <3  


How absolutely wonderful! I Do so love a beautiful yandere god. Thank you developers for bringing this gem into the world. I only wish that like myself, yun was actually enthusiastic about the whole affair. The art is really wonderful, and im surprised at how original this take on a forest god is.


Such a marvelous game! I really got scared of God and charmed at the same time, you have a way with words, dear author!! 

Could you possibly tell me how to achieve Liberation A, please? :)

Thank you so much for enjoying! I'm so happy you think so! <3

And apologies for the wait: Liberation A is achieved by going through the conversation until the end, speaking about The Wide World and then choosing Yes.


Aaaaa I loved the game! It's amazing in art and history! I thought it would be like a novel with a silly story. You know that kind of game that looks like a Maria who goes with the others? Like a game that's so obvious it's boring and bland? Anyway, this game made me VERY happy, although of course, I read the tags and was happy to know that there would be nothing erotic about it (particularly I prefer it that way, it's more pure and fun), the game really made me happy and terrified of this God, I was very nervous for the protagonist, this game made me afraid, seriously, the face that God made it when he wanted to devour the protagonist it was like Venom seeing heads (*_*), anyway, very good game!🌷


I loved the nature elements of this game and that the God was some pagan nature God with mythical background and loved the terror and thrill of trying to please this God but also stay alive at the same time.  The only thing that didn't quite make sense to me was when the nature God littered the map. lol.  I hope to see more of your creations and maybe even a part 2 of what would happen if this nature God escaped!  How exciting!

Is it NSFW?

In terms of sexual content, not at all.

There is a CG that includes death, though, if that is what you're asking about!

What about nudity?

There is no nudity.

Just poor Yun all around. (Great game!)


I love how each iteration of my play through results in the god becoming slightly more terrifying <3 This was a fun little game!


Overall I love it <3 

Btw, how do you get Revision A? xD I seem to be stuck in there when I played it


Apologies for the wait!
To get Revision A, you need to make it to the end the of the conversation, choose The Wide World and then No.

I guess I should get around to writing a walk-through for everyone, hahah!

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying it~!

ᵗᑋᵃᐢᵏ ᵞᵒᵘ( 。>ㅅ<。)